Ann & Andrew’s wedding at Sudbury Hall.

I had just bought the Nikon D4s low light camera. The D4s made short work of the low light conditions. Despite the restrictions, Sudbury Hall is a fantastic place to have a wedding. The house is grade 1 listed. In the 16th century, Sir John Vernon married Ellen Montgomery heiress to the house, the house then became the Vernon family seat. The grounds are a paradise for a photographer like myself, there are so many place to take great photographs. Along the river bank, by the bridge, the wonderful gardens, the list is endless! My favourite places to take photographs are the long gallery and the garden gate leading to the church yard. Ann hid from Andrew, as a result I took a really nice set of pictures of Andrew looking for Ann. Of course my personal favourite view is from the fountain with the house in the background which makes a magnificent photo opportunity (see photographs below).

weddings Sudbury Hall


Published: 5th August 2017