How Do You Know All Your Wedding Guests Were Photographed?

For instance; how do you know your photographer has included everyone in at least one of the Wedding photos?

The answer is; you don’t until it’s too late; especially when the photographer is moving around capturing those other precious moments of the day that you will cherish for years to come.

Remember the photographer has never met your families and friends before. It is always a good idea to ask your photographer if they could keep track of the guests he or she has taken, and those who haven’t been taken. Especially when you have from fifty to a hundred guests to keep track of, with everybody moving around the reception room having fun and catching up with family news. It’s a logistical nightmare!

The solution to this problem is simple

We at Action Photography like to solve it like this: after the ceremony while everyone is fresh and before people have started drinking and taking their ties off and their jackets off… we will take one big group shot. It is usually our first picture at the most beautiful scenery of the wedding venue.

We have another option, by taking five or ten smaller group shots of the Guests as they arrive at the venue, but either way you are safe in the knowledge you’ve got a photographic record of everyone attending your wedding. This leaves our photographer to relax and get on with the artistic and creative side of photography, without having to worry about who he has and hasn’t photographed.

This way; whichever style of photographs you choose, you are always guaranteed of getting everyone included, giving you a much more interesting and better final product, that you will always cherish in the years to come.

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Published: 4th March 2016