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Mat & Matts civil ceremony

1st November 2017

I enjoyed photographing Matt and Mat’s wedding. The style of photography they wanted was reportage / journalistic, with a few traditional group shots outside the Leicester registry office (which is always my advice to couples.)

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weddings Sudbury Hall

Ann & Andrew’s wedding at Sudbury Hall.

5th August 2017

Ann & Andrew’s wedding at Sudbury Hall (National Trust Property). There were some restriction NO FLASH, that was a big one for me. All the blind were down, giving very low light conditions. This was to preserve the fabulous decorations and furniture in the long gallery, where the wedding took place. I was so glad

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Celebrating 25 years in photography.

2nd August 2017

This year, I’m celebrating 25 years of wedding photography in and around the West Midlands. It’s hard to believe I have been working with couples to help capture their big day for two and half decades, but what a fabulous journey I’ve had! I have met so many fantastic couples and I really really love my job today.

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How Do You Know All Your Wedding Guests Were Photographed?

4th March 2016

I am very passionate about photography, especially wedding photography. Putting the wedding couple in the most beautiful surroundings, in the best light and in the most flattering and creative poses possible. As a Wedding Photographer, that is what I do best.

During the last ten years, the traditional style of structured wedding groups photography has almost disappeared, and been replaced with a more modern and informal journalistic style of photography. This style is very natural and known as ‘reportage’ but, there are unseen dangers of using only this photographic style.

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Smart phones & Professional Cameras

1st September 2015

Weddings are costly occasions and it is very tempting to want to cut as many unnecessary costs as you can, but using a willing friend to take pictures on their Smartphone, could be a regrettable mistake….

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