How we plan your wedding shoot.

  • Outside The Friend Meeting House
    Outside The Friend Meeting House
  • inside The Friend Meeting House
    inside The Friend Meeting House
  • Rear of the Friends Meeting House
    Rear of the Friends Meeting House

These images are for Katie and David’s wedding in September. I’m using these panoramas to plan their wedding shoot where the ceremony will be taking place.
See Fig 1. When Katie arrives at the church, I can plan where I’m going to stand to get the best pictures.
Fig 2. This image is great, I’m going to take Katie and David’s signature picture in the centre archway. There is a lot more information I can glean from this image including where the light is coming from – if you look carefully the shadows are being cast from left to right.
On the left side is where the sun will be on the day. If it’s a sunny day lighting conditions will be high contrast, but if it’s a cloudy day I will need a large flash to crisp up the pictures to be taken at the front of the church.
Fig 3. The best place to stand to catch those loving glances & smiles Katie and David will exchange, and the all important kissing the bride!
Fig 4. Gives me the view of the smiling congregation, great photo opportunities.
Fig 5. This is a large area so no problem taking group photography here.
I really think planning the first part of Katie and David’s wedding day is great fun for me! When the big day arrives I will be very organised and prepared!

Published: 20th August 2017