Smart phones & Professional Cameras

1. Controls & Lenses

Smart phones, it is fair to say, have revolutionised general photography for all. Our love affair is stronger than ever, I love my iPhone. I’m very happy with the picture it produces, as long as I’m within the design parameters of my iPhone, in other words good lighting conditions. We must not forget the smart phone was designed to slip into a pocket and take selfies. If we use this analogy, the smart phone is a very good family car. A professional digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) is a Formula 1 racing car! There is no comparison, with Pro DSLR’s you have complete control. The range of lenses starts with ultra wide angle (14mm) to the high power (2000mm) lens. You can be a landscape photographer or an ultra high powered astro photographer. Not to mention specialist fisheye lens and architectural shift lens.

2. Knowledge

There is a lot of skill and experience needed to take good stylish wedding photographs, and a friend with a smartphone may be enthusiastic, but can you take the risk? His battery could go flat after half the shots, and if the shots are not very good, you can’t get everyone back again for another wedding shoot.

Novelist Ernest Hemingway is purported to have praised the photographs of famous photographer Ansel Adams, saying, “You take the most amazing pictures. What kind of camera do you use?”

Adams frowned and replied, “You write the most amazing stories. What kind of typewriter do you use?”

So even if you just happen to have the best camera in the world, you will still need a professional photographer to frame the picture and press the buttons!

Published: 1st September 2015