Wedding day preparation

Outside The Friend Meeting House

How we plan your wedding shoot.

20th August 2017

The first thing we do after the initial contact is to arrange a meeting with you and your Fiancé, to find out how you want your wedding day photographed.
If possible to meet you where you are going to be married, so we can take panoramic pictures of the interior and exterior of the venue (see pictures click Read More).

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Choose between 3 Photographic wedding styles.

25th July 2016

There are currently three different styles of photography to choose from.
I’m going to outline the major differences, and some of the pitfalls, of each individual style i.e. reportage, contemporary and classical.
Each of these styles has an advantage over the others and I hope this article helps you to make an informed decision as to what sort of photography you would like on your wedding day.

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Smart phones & Professional Cameras

1st September 2015

Weddings are costly occasions and it is very tempting to want to cut as many unnecessary costs as you can, but using a willing friend to take pictures on their Smartphone, could be a regrettable mistake….

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