Celebrating 25 years in photography.

However, wedding photography has certainly changed in that time! Back in the ’90s, it was often the norm for couples to hire a photographer for an hour or two during the day. It would be a case of squeezing all the posed shots within that time, straight after the ceremony. Also, there would then be more ‘posed’ shots such as the cutting of the cake which was, of course, faked for that all-important photo opportunity, as the couple would inevitably be cutting it later in the evening when all of the guests had arrived.

This was the excepted photographic style of the day. 25 years later and times have changed, I feel for the better! Wedding photographers are there to tell the story of your wedding day. I am there to capture as many precious moments as possible. After all, your wedding day is so much more than just the ceremony and cutting the cake! It’s about getting ready, those first glances, those happy smiles, the speeches, the food, the dancing – it’s a whole new world of perfect photo opportunities!
I am able to use some of the traditional skills I gained over my career.

It’s great to have these to ensure I can capture the group shots professionally and tell the complete story, but now, in 2017, digital wedding photography has entered a golden age! An explosion of creativity never seen before. I am very lucky to be at the heart of this fantastic renaissance in photography. I feel I have so much more to offer, we can have so much more fun!

Published: 2nd April 2021