Choose between 3 Photographic wedding styles.

01 Reportage/documentary-style photography.

This extremely hands-off approach by the photographer will record the events of your wedding day as it unfolds, in the manner of a fly-on-the-wall documentary style. Much of the time the photographer will be right where the action is; he should be dressed like the other guests so he blends in, so you shouldn’t be aware of his presence too much!

There will be very little in the way of posing or regimented organisation of individuals and groups. For this reason, this style is increasingly popular with brides to be as it allows more freedom to move freely and lets the bride and groom enjoy their wedding day with their families.

This type of photography is likely to produce a very candid record of your wedding with a high proportion of unusual shots that you probably would not expect from traditional classic or contemporary /modern styles.

Reportage photography has a great deal to offer, including providing surprises or spontaneous moments which you would not get from posed photographs.

02 Contemporary/modern wedding photography.

The classical/traditional style gave birth to contemporary/modern style, this is a relaxed approach that can result in a level of spontaneity, capturing the spirit of the moment and you get a greater variety of poses, Still maintaining the structure of your wedding photographs, this includes some of the formal elements of the classical or traditional approach, without too much regimentation in the way the groups are put together.

03 Classical/traditional wedding photography.

This style of photography is tried and tested and has been developed for well over one hundred years. Creativity did not play a great role in photography at that time, all the photographer wanted was for everybody to keep still so he could take a sharp photograph of all the guests. Hence the group photograph held sway through most of the twentieth century. When I left school, my first job was with Laces Studios where I was taught this style. I did this style for many years, and fully understand what elements go to make up a really successful classical and traditional wedding shoot. Of course, down the years, I have learnt how to do the various styles extremely well. If someone was to ask me what style I like the best, I would have to say the reportage style of photography because I can let my creative side loose and produce some of the nicest images of my career in photography. I do like to keep some elements of the contemporary and classical style because I feel this gives a timeless feel to your wedding photographs and prevents them from becoming dated too quickly.


Published: 19th April 2021