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Commercial Photography

Be ahead of your competitors with creative photography by Jon Anthony.

Commercial photography is a completely different skill to photographing people. Here your product must be centre stage and whether it’s an expensive watch, or a green pepper; it must evoke both emotion and desire in the viewer. Here at Action Photography you will find we have new and exciting methods of making every product come alive with personality, giving your marketing a winning edge over your competitors.

We take time and care to create a magical image that reflects your company ethos, and shows the exciting features of your products in a unique and luxurious way. If your company makes a new widget, we will turn it into the best looking widget in the marketplace.

Firstly we will meet with you and your marketing team to discuss the target market you wish to reach, and the vehicle you will be using: leaflet, website, email, exhibition stand, etc. Then we find out about the image you have of your business and its range of products. Pictures are created as industry specific masterpieces; against a relevant and appropriate backdrop that we will discuss with you and agree on. Leave the creative process to us – it’s what we do best!

What our clients say

Jon Anthony and Action Photography have, proved themselves to be both creative and reliable when it comes to promoting our bridal shop in a visual manner.

– Lucy, Ly Bridal.