Photography for Parties & Corporate Events

Taking pictures at events and parties takes the professionalism of a BBC Reporter, coupled with the bedside manner of a Doctor, the skill of a Magician and the creativity of a Film Producer. Many people dislike their pictures being taken while they are relaxing with friends and eating or drinking. Here at Action Photography, we make a point of speaking to people first and asking them to engage with us in a picture for a few moments, to enable us to make them look their best.

You can leave us to mingle in the crowd and magically be in the right place at the right time to capture the important moments of your occasion. We are clear to tell people who we are and that we have been hired by you to take pictures that will reflect the mood and emotion of the day.

We usually find that once they know who we are, your guests are more than happy to share their feelings on camera and even to pose for a few staged shots, such as the pretend food fight, with everyone holding a cake, ready to throw; or the simultaneous explosion of streamers on cue for a vibrant and colourful picture. Pictures like these, blown up and framed make unique and fabulous presents for your special guests.



The best corporate ever!!

What our clients say

Hi Jon, you were fantastic, take all those pictures at my party I have loads of memories to keep. All my friends remarked how friendly you were! I have no hesitation recommending you to anybody!

– Mrs D Richards.